Friday, 25 January 2013

Dwarf Balin Tutorial

Dwarf Balin Tutorial 

1st Paint a black under coat. (2 coats if needed)

2nd Paint a skin colour on his hands and face. (I used Ratskin Flesh) 
(Someone has just pointed out to me Balin wears gloves in the movies so you may want to keep his hands/gloves Black)

3rd Paint the beard with Pallid Wych Flesh (Or Paint Stormvermin Fur then highlight it with Pallid Wych Flesh)

4th Paint/dab Pallid Wych Flesh onto his eyes and across his eyebrows. Now put 2 black dots in the middle of the eyes.

5th Paint boots with Steel Legion Drab then over coat with Burnt Sienna.

6th Paint Crimson Red on his robes.

7th Paint Silver on the outside of his sword and black in the middle if needed.

Now you are DONE!

Here is a effect you may want to add. Add Black across the bottom robe and in center and add Agrax Earthshade to dark areas of the robes.

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