Saturday, 19 January 2013

Goblin Tutorial

Goblin Tutorial 

1st step paint 2 coats of Rakarth Flesh.

2nd step paint Carroburg Crimson into the cracks and on the spots of the goblin.

3rd step paint Stormvermin Fur on the goblins hair and the wooden part of his weapon.

4th step paint Steel Legion Drab onto the goblins bag + strap and his cloth underwear.

5th step paint Pallid Wych Flesh onto the spots, bag strap, lightly on around his bag and cloth underwear and areas around the goblins face.

6th step dab Seraphim Sepia on the goblins spots, and random areas you want to look rotten.

7th step paint Leadbelcher onto the blade of the goblins Weapon.

8th step Paint Stirland Mud onto the base.

Now your done! Hope my Tutorial helped! 


  1. great little tutorial! I will follow your blog.
    Feel free to follow mine : )

  2. Thanks Will follow yours too man :O love your shire work :)